Rak Thai Village (Mae Or)

Rak Thai Village (Mae Or) Rak Thai village or what it is called in another name as Ban Mae Or is a small village in the middle of the mountains. It is located in Mu 6, Mok Cham Pae subdistrict, Mueang district which is 44 kilometers away from the town. It is also the last village before the borderline between Thailand and Burma. Most of the population is those who evacuated from the Southern part of China during the political shift into communist. In the past, this land used to be the Yunan Chinese village but nowadays it has become the famous tourist attraction for Thais and foreigners.

Around the village are a big water reservoir and a beautiful lake. Since the village is surrounded by the mountain range and other types of plants especially the winter plants, the village owns wonderful scenery. The outstanding uniqueness features of this village are some houses’ walls which are made from clay and rice straw and painted in brownish yellow color. Another feature is the red and green Chinese pattern on architraves which make the house stands out. Tourists can observe the lifestyle and JeenHor Chinese culture in both spoken and written languages until nowadays. They can also taste the top grade tea sold in the village, see the well-arranged narrated green tea field and breathe in the fresh air of nature.

Rak Thai village is known in growing fine teas such as Ching and Ou Long. In the morning, many tourists always gather and take a sip of the tea while watching the mist over the lake which forms like a giant mirror that reflects the village and the sunlight. It is picturesque for those who love to spend their days in real nature.

Moreover, there are abundant items to buy such as the products from Burmese, jewelry, carved wood and accessories made from silver or Thai Yai clothing such as shirts, trousers or Kup Thai hats, hill tribe’s handicraft products and other local snacks such as Pae Yi beans, Pae Lo bean, Khao Soi That, Bo sesame and Pae Yo snack.

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