Northern Cuisine

There is no doubt that the north of Thailand has the best weather in the entire country. Unlike other parts of Thailand, which normally have rainy and warm seasons, the northern region has a “winter” season, in which the temperature can go down to a chilly 10 °C.

Geographically, the north of Thailand is surrounded by mountains that are inhabited by indigenous tribes and tea plantations. Not only is the north a popular travel location among tourists, the region also has some of Thai people’s favorite dishes. Here is a short list of food that you cannot miss when you visit the north!

Coconut curry with noodles or khao Soi
You might be thinking curry goes with rice and noodles go with soup, so why on Earth would you mix two elements that aren’t supposed to go together? However, khao soi is actually perfect the way it was created even when the ingredients don’t seem to go together. Its silky egg noodles are the perfect vessel for the creamy curry soup. The chicken drumstick that the dish usually comes with is also cooked to perfection with the tender meat falling off the bone. The toppings of crispy noodles, fresh shallot, and cabbage pickles as well as seasoning of fresh lime and fried chili add pops of flavor to the already delectable dish. The best way to eat it is by soaking the crispy noodles in the curry to get some flavor in there and having every component in each bite.

How can I order it at the local restaurant ?

Khao Soi Gai: Curry noodles with chicken

Khao Soi Nuea: Curry noodles with braised beef

Khao soi Moo: Curry noodles with braised pork.

Northern Style Serving set In the past, Thai people used to commonly sit on the floor and eat our meals with our hands as a traditional eating habit. We would put the food in the middle in order to share it with family and friends. In the north, people still gather around a circle to share all kinds of food that are put into a communal plate. Each member would have their own sticky rice or white rice and they would simply take what they want from the communal plate to eat with their rice. Each circle has a set of food served on a tray, which is called “Khan-toke.”
Khan-toke includes:
Chili dip (nam-prik-noom): grilled green chili peppers mashed with grilled red onions, garlic, lime juice, and salt. Braised pork curry (gaeng-hunglay): braised pork with Northern style curry paste that is topped with crushed peanuts and thin slices of ginger. Northern style spicy sausage (Sai-oua): sausage that is made primarily with curry paste and pork. Tomato based pork dip (Nam-prik-ong): tomato mashed with chili and pork. Crispy pork skin (Kab-moo): dried pork skin that is fried until crispy. Boiled eggs Fresh local vegetables
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