Kaeng Krachan National Park

KaengKrachan National Park is the biggest national park in Thailand with the area of 2,915 squarekilometers or 1.8 million rai. It was certified as one of the national park on 12th June 1981 counting the territory from the reservoir and the forest over the dam as the national park’s area. This dam is the water source of many rivers. Most of the areas are alternating hills in the Tanaosri mountain range with the wet evergreen forest landscape. The highest mountain peak in this area is Kao NgaNganNikYuang Tong (1,513 meters) which is in joint area of Thailand and Myanmar.

The park is very popular for wildlife watching, hiking, camping and it’s impressive viewpoints for sea of mist. The park has also few medium size waterfalls and a couple of smaller caves.

KaengKrachan was nominated the Natural Tourist Attraction Award in year 2008. Interesting places inside the national park are the lake, Kao PanernToong, PanernToong Camp, Baan Krang Camp, Pranburi waterfall, Mae Sa-iang waterfall, Hua Chang cave, Kao Pakarang cave, Kao Pakarang, KaengKrachan national park.

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