Eastern Cuisine

Other than the east’s amazing seafood, the region also has some traditional food that is flavorful and simply delicious. If you have a chance to go to the eastern region then you definitely need to try some of their food, which is rich in Thai herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Pork curry with garcinia cowa leaves (gaeng mhoo cha muang) is made of three-layered-pork and garcinia cowa leaves, which is a common plant in the central region. The pork is cooked in a pan with sweet and salty curry paste, which is well complemented by the leaves that taste a little sour. As usual, the curry is eaten with a bowl of steamy jasmine rice.
Liang pork noodles is different from regular noodle dishes because of two reasons: the noodles and the spices. The renowned Chanthaburi noodles (sen jaan) are perfectly soft and chewy because they are made with the province’s super clean and refreshing groundwater and then dried in the sun instead of the oven. The dish also has an abundance of spices, which were grounded up and boiled in water to make the delightfully aromatic and spicy broth. The noodles and broth are then topped with marinated pork and pork balls that make the dish complete.
Salacca chili dip (nam prik ra gam) is made with the native salacca fruit, which has a sour taste. The fruit can be used in many dishes such as fried rice, broiled chicken, and dry curry. The chili dip itself is very easy to make and it is very healthy for you. The ingredients include shrimp paste (kapi), garlic, shallots, chili, fish sauce, palm sugar, and thin slices of salacca. Everything is mashed together using a pestle and mortar. The dip is perfect with a grilled mackerel, fresh vegetables, and a hot plate of rice.
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