Central Cuisine

Central Thailand is the most visited for tourist. It is popular for shopping, you can find everything from luxury to street shop or wholesale and retail. Visiting palaces, temples and market also great attraction for visiting. Central food always have a little bit touch up and process to cook and to eat. Here are some of the food you must try.

Miang Kumm is mostly serve in rainy season as the Piper sarmentosum (the leaves) will be most bloom in that period. It comes with condiments that you can choose to put, we recommend you to put them all together, include: lime (we kept the lime skin so the bitter taste makes the lime less sour), shaved dried coconut, peanut, chili, diced ginger, diced red shallot and sundried shrimp top with sweet sauce which has lemongrass, galangal, shrimp paste, shrimp flakes and palm sugar mixed together until thicken. Put all the condiments and sauce on top of the leaf, open your mouth widely and stuff them all at once. The joy of having this is that you can enjoy the crunch and chewy, sweet sour and spicy. Not only the taste is good, the process of having it also fun.
Hor-Mok A fish curry that comes in a bowl but not as a soup. It has a custard texture with curry flavor. You can find it steam in a banana leaf bowl or some can be grilled in banana leaf pocket. It has vegetables based which can be Thai holy basil or cabbage with pieces of fish and top with curry paste that mixed with mashed fish and egg. After steaming it until cooked, top it up with coconut milk, decorate with sliced chili and splice bergamot leaf to give more aroma. You can either have it that way (it is mild spicy, for Thai) or you can enjoy it with Jasmine rice.
Satay You may experience this before as it is like that satay in Indonesian food, Nasi-Goreng. Our version is different from theirs because we usually use pork and have with vegetables mixed in sweet vinegar, you can also find it with toast.

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