About ASQ

What is Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

ASQ means detaining both Thai and foreign travellers at a hotel or place specified by the government for a surveillance period of at least 14 days, with travellers agreeing to pay all their costs during detention

asq in brief

You will be quarantine for total of 16 days 15 nights at the quarantine hotel. The package normally included
– 2 covid-19 test, usually on you 3rd day and 11th day.
– 24 hrs. Nursing service from certified hospital 
– Full board meals, 3 meals a day.
– Transportation from the airport.

complete list of approved asq hotels

Please check the list of the alternative state quarantine hotels at asq.wanderthai.com

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frequently asked questions on ASQ

Here we gathered the most popular questions we’ve got regarding ASQ and how to enter Thailand. You are free to explore them or ask question via our Facebook group. Good Luck!

According to the CAAT’s latest announcement, “Notification on Conditions for Aircraft Permission to Enter Thailand (No. 3),” there are 11 groups that are allowed to enter Thailand. The effective period will be from 4 August 2020. 
Furthermore, another  6 more groups are allowed to enter Thailand in October 2020